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1.22: Confession: I’m a Serial Shipper.

Okay people, let’s talk about shipping. I am such a shipper, I cling to the relationships of fictional couples in the TV shows and movies that I watch. I feel like amongst a fandom people who ship are often seen as superficial fans ‘not really getting what the book/film/tv show was really about.’ I’m here to tell you that I don’t believe that. Just because I ship all the things, doesn’t mean I’ll belittle the people who don’t support my ships. People can like what they like, I’ll try not to bother them.

Okay with that disclaimer in place, let’s move on. Like I said I ship everything. My first ship was a Harry Potter one, seeing as Harry was what got me into the internet and fandom in the first place (An Aside: does it annoy anyone else that Tumblr doesn’t think that the words Tumblr or fandom are real words?) I shipped Harry/Ginny in book two, and was so incredibly upset with the way that relationship unfolded in the movies.

But let’s move back to TV since that is what this blog is about. I shipped Chandler and Monica before I knew what shipping was, and then my first real OTP was Rory and Jess of Gilmore Girls, and this show kind of exposed me to what shipping was, because there was such a polarized opinion amongst fans. And in pretty much every show I’ve watched since then I’ve shipped some one or something.

If you’re interested keep reading for some of my ships, if you’re not, why are you even reading this post….So the way I see it there are a few kinds of ships. Those that are canon, those that are popular fanon, and of course the crackships (which really are the best). In some shows, more comedic ones usually, the shipping part of me doesn’t seem to care as much: I tend to care more about friendships in this case. A few examples: 30 Rock: All I want is more Jenna/Liz friendship stuff, and Liz/Jack dynamic, and Tracey/Jenna. I just want to watch the crazy happen on this show. Parks and Rec: Ron/Leslie friendship is my favorite thing on television.

But then every now and then a comedy get all shippy. Community shipping fans are forever split between Jeff/Annie and Jeff/Britta, I personally am pulling for a Troy/Annie/Abed OT3, but mostly I have no vested interest either way.

But then we get into the drama’s and I ship everything. From power couples to crack ships. Everything. Example: On Merlin my OTP is Merlin/Morgana, but i love pretty much any incarnation of the four principle characters. On Bones I feel like you can’t not ship Booth/Brennan, but Hodgins/Angela and Sweets/Daisy are awesome as well. And then I crackship Wendell and Genny Shaw. I mean all the rest of the ships in that show are so carved out at this point I needed to liven up my life with something that will probably never happen.

Speaking of things that will probably never happen: I’ve been shipping Jon/Dany since about 10 chapters into the Game of Thrones book, and then the TV show only solidified that for me.

Here’s a few ships that are in my life at the moment: Alo/Mini (Skins: See also: Sid/Cassie, Cook/Effy), Espo/Lanie (Castle: See also; Castle and Beckett, duh), Maggie/Ted (Pan Am, I think I may be the only person who ships this.) Mary/Matthew (Downton Abbey), Nick/Jess (New Girl)

My OTP’s for all time (on television): Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls), Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Cappie/Casey, Beaver/Katherine (Greek, Beaver and Katherine are really it, but you can’t discount Cappie/Casey), Seth/Summer (The OC), Evan/Divya (Royal Pains), House/Cuddy, pre-season 7 (House), Martha/Mickey (Doctor Who).

Okay. End of silly shippy stuff.